In addition to Preserving your Principal, as an investor you also need consistent growth to keep up with rising costs.
The credit crisis of 2008 was markedly different than the equity bear market of 2000-2002. Panic and fear impacted most asset classes in the same manner as investors liquidated nearly everything. Even the well-diversified portfolios lost significantly.
Investors often let their emotions guide their decisions, chasing the “hot” stock of the moment as it’s on the rise and then making a hasty exit when it’s falling.

During the past 20 years, the market has returned 9.14% annually. But the average investor has only made 3.83%. Why is that? It is because the average investor has been jumping in and out of the market in an attempt to “time” the market.
Dominion Investment Advisors, LLC removes Emotion from your decisions and gives you access to the customization, diversification, and active management that once was only available to the ultra-wealthy.

How are we different?

  • Independent: answer only to our clients
  • Customized: personalized strategies
  • Fiduciary Standard: by law advice must be in client’s best interest

What is a managed account?

Managed accounts are individual portfolios of stocks, bonds, cash and other investments managed by a professional, institutional-quality money manager. Unlike other investment vehicles, in which the investor owns shares of a pooled group of assets, the investor owns the underlying securities individually.
Investing in a managed account is essentially like having one’s own mutual fund where the account assets are not connected or combined with anyone else’s. Until recently, you needed hundreds of thousands or even millions to invest in a managed account and get access to money managers.

What are the benefits of a managed account?


  • A completely customized portfolio developed to meet your needs
  • Opportunity to include Real Estate and other Alternative asset classes in your portfolio.
  • Ability to align your investment strategies with your tax strategies.
  • Create your own cost basis, no embedded capital gains.


  • Access to institutional money managers typically reserved for the wealthiest individuals and institutional investors.
  • Ongoing monitoring to eliminate style drift, security overlap, and adherence to your investment discipline.

Active Management

  • An actively managed portfolio designed to help you achieve your investment objectives.
  • Forward-looking, proactive, institutional approach. Tracking market trends, not relying on forecasts or projections like the 3, 5, or 10 years returns.
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure your investments stay on track with your financial goals and preferences.

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